Otter Found in City Garden Returned to River

Some locals in Cork, Ireland, found an otter in their garden on April 14 and decided to return the animal to its more usual habitat. Kevin Smyth was walking by the River Lee, which flows through the city, when the otter was carried to the bank in a bag and set free. Smyth caught the release on camera, and the footage shows the critter tentatively getting into the water before swimming away. The video had over 2,000 views at the time of writing. Credit: via Storyful

Game of Thrones’ ‘old school heroism’ not often seen in politically correct society

Commentator Daisy Cousens says Game of Thrones demonstrates there is ‘a nostalgia for old school heroism’ that an ‘increasingly homogenised, genderless, politically correct society’ does not see very often. Ms Cousens says the show has a wide variety of multilayered heroes that are both good and bad, which every person can relate to. Image: News Corp Australia

Journalists accused of breaching suppression order over George Pell trial

Several members of the Australian media could face jail time, after being accused of contempt of court over the George Pell trial. There are 23 journalists and 13 media companies that stand accused of breaching a strict suppression order. The order prevented Australian outlets from reporting anything about last year’s trials, to ensure a fair outcome. Image: News Corp Australia

Man charged with murder in Melbourne’s north-west

A man has been charged with the murder of a 61-year-old man in Melbourne’s north-west after the victim’s body was found at a Gisborne home. Victoria Police say the 55-year-old suspect attended the local police station last night, but it was closed at the time. Local police were alerted, and he was later arrested without incident.